Read the Extra french Online Casino Review

Some online casino game players did not play at the same venues and are not completely satisfied with the game and bonus options available to them. On Extra, however this is not a problem. Indeed, the site has ingeniously been designed to look like a real casino, thus carrying the atmosphere of Las Vegas in the House of the player. In addition, the site boasts the best games on the net. It is a collection of more than 100 games, subdivided into several categories, including slot machines Real Series, the Table Games and the specialty games. These categories include many different versions of slot machines, Poker, Blackjack and other table games. There are for example more than 50 versions of available slots. Players can play immediately online, or download and install the casino software to play from their computer.

Bonuses and other incentives to the game

The Extra casino is also the best online casino for bonuses and other promotions to encourage the players to the game, and this allowed the site to build his reputation.Indeed, there are always opportunities for players to get more money on their accounts. New members on the site, for example, can receive up to €1,000 when they make their first deposit. This 200% bonus is also available on their second deposit, giving a total of €2,000 in bonus cash. Slot machine players can get the biggest bonus when they make their first deposit for the games, and it works the same way for some games of Poker and Blackjack. The former players on the site can also get weekly promotions for the games that they intend to play. The first deposit of big bettors should be high, and their 200% bonus can go up to €2,000. Extra Casino also has a VIP club, for which players must receive an invitation. The club members get special bonus offers, personal managers, the limits higher on tables and other benefits. All this is of great packages to attract and keep players.

For various reasons, some online casinos players have little enthusiasm to download software in order to benefit from their favorite online slot machine games. Fortunately, for these players, there are other options. The most popular of these is the option to play games based on the Flash software directly from their web browser. These games also offer the same level of entertainment, graphics, and animations that downloadable games, in addition to being playable instantly. The players will just have to go through small steps simple to qualify for these games.

Important to know about the casino online Extra

First of all, the players must download the Flash Player. Indeed, although most of the computers are delivered with a basic software package or a video player that can support animations, many of these basic computer programs are unable to process the complex mechanisms of online casino games . Because of this, players must instead to visit the Flash web site to download the latest version of their software. These downloads are free, and they contain no malicious software, or something harmful to computers. In addition, the files to download are rather small and will really only a small place on the hard drive of the player.

Then, the player must find instant play options. In fact, all the casinos do not have a Flash-based instant play of Extra option. These casinos will usually insist on downloads, showcasing their best graphics or their more comprehensive content. Indeed, while it is true that most Flash-based games lack the refinement of downloadable games, flash games are also fun and entertaining to play. Thus, online casinos that offer instant games will announce it with pleasure. Players must then find casinos that offer “instant games” or “no-download games. Also, those that offer games compatible with Mac systems will often have instant play options. What players have to do once they have found a casino that offers this option, just create an account, choose instant games that they enjoy, place their bets, and then start playing instantly.